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Have You "Seen the Light"?

We mean the Photon Light. This photon light is the Smallest & Brightest Light You Can Find. Don't be fooled by less expensive knockoffs. The photon light is the best LED Light, with a lifetime warranty - never breaks & the bulb never blows. Only great products from the makers of the original photon light.

Compare the photon light to a normal flashlight. Click for Larger Image

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Compare photon light
to a normal flashlight ON (Click)

Photon Light

~ Secret Service
~ Outdoorsmen
~ Partying/Dancing
~ NYC TA Employees   
~ Anyone who does
anything at night!

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Photon Light

~ Emergencies
~ Reading in the Dark
~ Camping/Hiking
~ Working in Dark
~ Dancing at Clubs
~ Anything you would
use a flashlight for.

The amazing Photon Light is the size of a quarter.
The photon light is brighter than a standard flashlight at a fraction of the weight.

  • The photon light bulb never need replacing.

  • Battery lasts 12 or 120 hours, depending on the color of photon light.

  • LIFETIME warranty on the photon lights. You can always count on it to work in emergencies. Excellent warranty service.

  • Photon light comes with key chain, so the photon light can be attached to anything.

  • We also sell the batteries in bulk at great prices so you will never have to worry about running to the store when you run out. Great addition when giving gifts or just going out of town for a while!

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